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Why Car Shipping Service Costs Have Increased

Car transportation services offer relief to those relocating to a new place. Life gets much easier when you find the perfect transportation company that offers both reliability and affordability. However, many people might have noticed a sudden spike in car transportation costs. This change is a direct cause of specific factors affecting the auto transport business.  

Cause of Sudden Spike in Car Transportation Costs  

  1. Gas 

It is no secret that gas cost has skyrocketed recently. This increment has impacted a majority of the economic sectors and business organizations. These organizations also include the transportation and automotive businesses.  

In the current circumstances, transportation companies find it challenging to cover fuel costs. This is because it is impossible to run a car transportation business without being affected by fuel prices. As an adjustment to the high gasoline prices, most transportation  companies are forced to raise their car transportation costs 

  1. Shortage of Expert Drivers 

Truck drivers are the backbone of the entire car transportation industry. Handling the transportation orders is one thing, but drivers are the main driving force of the entire transportation business. Without these professionals, no transportation company can stay in business. However, transportation companies are facing a challenge in the form of a shortage of drivers. Consequently, there’s a rise in the cost of car transportation. There are different reasons for this shortage.  


  • Stereotypes: in a world filled with harsh stereotypes and opinions, a truck driver’s job is not considered worthy of prestige. People overlook the importance of this profession as transporting their vehicles is impossible without truck drivers.  
  • Strict Hours: sitting in a driver’s seat for elongated periods is not easy. A driver is expected to haul the vehicles for long distances and through harsh weather. As exhausting and physically taxing as this job can be, youngsters rapidly lose interest in this profession.  
  • Retirement vs. Recruitment: The retirement rate in this job is relatively high. However, the recruitment rate is significantly low compared to the past years’ retirements.  



  1. Covid-19 

Things are no longer the same since the first breakout of Covid-19. No individual or organization in the world has not been affected by this monstrous pandemic. Similarly, Covid-19 has shown no mercy to the transportation industry either. 


Car Transportation is now relatively costlier due to the pandemic. Even significant businesses faced their economic downfall resultantly. These circumstances pushed the transportation companies into taking specific measures to make up for their losses, increased rates being one of these measures.  


  • Effect of Lockdown: As Covid-19 forced people into quarantine, the transportation companies faced an abrupt supply decrease. Resultantly, the auto transport business turned significantly slow. The sudden curfews and lockdown, combined with the overall economic downfall, pushed the shipping companies to increase their car moving costs.  
  • Reduction in the Production of Cars: as a direct consequence of the lockdown, people lost their interest in investing in new cars. This caused a significant impact on the car manufacturing companies, which further affected the car transportation companies as well.  


Other Factors That Affect Car Transportation Costs 

Apart from the things listed above, a few other factors can affect the cost of car moving 

  1. Season: The number of car transportation orders can vary according to the seasons. People tend to relocate the most during the summer season, so that the high transportation demands can cost you more.  
  1. Location/Distance: longer distances mean more fuel, and more fuel costs more. Your specified pick and drop-off location have a direct impact on your cost for transportation costs. Moreover, the availability of services in different areas also varies. This is why the final cost is estimated after you provide the company with complete transportation  details.  
  1. Size and Type of Car: Different car types require different shipping methods. You can choose costlier options like enclosed transportation if you want to transport a classic or luxury vehicle. On the other hand, the cost changes according to the size and weight of your vehicle. To save money, you can reduce the weight of your vehicle by taking out extra items from the trunk of the car.  
  1. Operable and Inoperable Car: the condition of your car determines the final cost estimation. The companies need to know beforehand if your car is operable or inoperable. Operable cars are easier to load on trucks. On the other hand, inoperable vehicles require other equipment to load them, costing you more money.  


Genius Auto Trans- the Best Affordable Option  

One must hire a trustworthy company for car transportation. However, in the current circumstances, finding a truly reliable and affordable car transportation option is not easy.  

Fortunately, Genius Auto Trans provides you with all the factors that constitute a reliable company. With our compliant customer service, affordable costs, and professional truckers, you can experience a swift and hassle-free transportation experience.

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