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Biker Week 2022 

It’s a lifestyle 

Being part of a biker club is a way of life, not a pastime. Let’s start at the start. A bike purchase is only the beginning of many things when you got into the lifestyle of a biker. From here, we need to consider the kind of bike you choose to purchase and this will likely dictate your lifestyle. For instance, if you are a racer, you’re more likely to enjoy races and tracks or speed, and more likely to ride on weekend and during sunny weather. It’s a bit of a myth however, it’s generally true however, not always. If you’ve got an older bike, cruiser trike, rat bicycle or custom, you’re likely to be interested in the social aspect of things. Rallies, custom-made shows and MCCs’ parties, charity rides, etc. let’s discuss the second group and I’ll be honest, it’s incredible. Bikers are generally sincere, trustworthy, confident, and stoic people. They’ll assist you with any subject, but once you decide you start to break the rules and snooping around, you’re done. Have been to quite a few rallies, and have never seen any issues. The most harrowing incident I saw was a group of outsiders entering a lodge that a guy rented by a MC and stealing their drinks and tossing and turning off their lights! Most people would be horrified about such conduct. The situation resolved without violence (although it was clearly threatening) and the perpetrators were removed from the site of the rally. Bikers are just 1% people who dedicate their life to a new lifestyle and being part of the world’s most respected family. It’s a family. it’s a tight and close network. If you’re a scumbag everybody will know about it. In the same way, if you’re a decent individual Everyone will know about it to. Are you stuck on the side of the road? A biker will stop and assist you. Facing hard times? Your team will help your through the rough patch. Do you need help with something? Look out for your bros to gather to help. As you will observe, being a biker is more than riding the bike. We hope this helps. 

Rules for a Biker Club 

It probably isn’t anything like you’d expect. You might be surprised to learn that most of the rules are about motorcycles: they need to get their self registered, licensed, insured, reliable, in good repair, and ridden responsibly. Huge emphasis on responsible riding! When you are riding in a pack 20 deep, or on a “run” with hundreds of other bikes, an accident or a bit of recklessness can be disastrous causing a dozen wrecks and serious injuries. Also, next to motorcycles, one of the most important things to a biker is RESPECT: not only self-respect, but respect for others. 1% are surprisingly polite people known for keeping their word and assisting stranded motorists. If you decide to join a club, first there will be a “hang around” period when they decide to run you off or not. MCs are a closed society distrustful of outsiders, and if you are overly talkative or drink to excess you will find yourself unwelcome and shunned. If they like you, a member may agree to sponsor you, which is a huge responsibility. He will need to teach you how to be a proper biker and follow the rules, and if you screw up, HE loses his patch and is out of the club. You will get a bottom rocker for your vest and expected to prospect for at least a year before they vote to make you a member or not. During the time you are prospecting you would expect to make friends with everyone in the club and do a LOT of hard work cheerfully without complaint. That patch is hard to earn and easy to lose, but it is a solid Brotherhood who will back you 110%. 

A Biker week/event is a 10-day event that started in 1937 where approximately 500,000 people attend. that is usually starts in the first week of March in USA. 

There are some major popular bike weeks in USA. 

The One Moto Show 

Usually, this event took place in February, however organizers postponed it because of the COVID-19 virus. According to the site “the show must go on! ” So, this is going on. 

If the idea of Daytona causes you to sweat and you’d prefer to eat your boots rather than go to Sturgis Then you’ll enjoy The One Moto Show (OMS). It celebrates the sweat, blood, and the gears of custom motorcycles as well as their makers. 

The event takes place over the course of a weekend in a massive warehouse in Portland You’ll find anything from slick dirt bikes and cafe racers as well as old-fashioned choppers and Bobbers. Fantastic local bands, exhilarating entertainment bikes from all over the world and the kind of crowd who snorts at fringed chaps make the event unique. 

Laconia Bike Week 

With roots dating way back to 1916, Laconia Bike Week, which runs over nine days, is the grandpappy of motorcycle meets. Once famous for its 1965 riot, LMCW is the epitome of gentile, family friendly biker events. Spread out around the lake, the event attracts around 250,000 people, all taking advantage of the beautiful New Hampshire countryside. Bike shows, tribute bands, vendor booths, support from many motorcycle manufacturers, and every chromed out ‘Glide in the western hemisphere park alongside the lake. 

Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Bike Week traces its origins back in 1937. This is a little more than Sturgis. The estimates also suggest attendance of 500 000. In the event of deciding which is the biggest, there’s an argument to have late-night bars. 

Beginning as a beach race motorcycling is still an integral role in Daytona Bike Week. The calendar is full of events ranges from circuit racing to motocross races on Daytona’s International Speedway. The most popular pastime is to cruise along A1A through sunshine. Florida sunshine. 

Republic of Texas Bike Rally  

We’re headed east to our next event. While it’s not less than half the size of our two previous blockbusters Republic of Texas Biker Rally has plenty of superlatives. The four-day rally the largest ticket-based bike rally and brings about 200,000 bikers to Austin. 

The music entertainment as well as custom motorcycle shows racing, camping, and music are all part of one massive protected space. The event is strictly for adults and aside from the big names like ZZ Top, the event is known for its parade of motorcycles which shuts down the downtown area by 50 blocks. Austin. 

Moto Beach Classic 

Here’s one for you two-wheeled beach lovers in California. It’s hosted by AMA road racer and bike builder Roland Sands, and with just two events to its name The Moto Classic is the new child on the block. 

In Surf City, California, the event is a mix of a surf competition and dirt track race, sprint shoot-outs, as well as a show that is custom, with an edgy punk rock soundtrack. It is based on the famous Wheels and Waves event in Biarritz in Biarritz, the Moto Beach Classic typically runs during the last week of the month of October. 

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