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Best Sites to Buy Used Cars

Times have been hard with the inflation rate going higher than it has ever before. In these times, one needs to ensure that they are saving money and staying within the budget as much as they can. Saving money is one of the top priority of people nowadays. Whether they find a way to cut the budget down on a new house, some groceries or whether it comes when they are buying cars. But how can you save up while buying a car? A car is surely one of the most important needs. Auto transport is what a person needs on a daily basis. So why don’t you get help from this article and figure out how you can save some dollars and buy a car as well? 

Used cars –The hack that never goes wrong 

Used items are happily sold and bought by people all across the world. If you talk about outfits, accessories, even makeup products, they are often also sold after being in use for a while. Similarly, people also sell their used cars and you can buy them! A used car doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worn down. More than often, these cars are also sold in 9/10 condition. With perfect seats and engine and you don’t even have to go to a repair shop before getting to use the car after buying it. You can always buy a used car and if you are worried and confused about where you can get your hands on these cars, there are many sites that sell used cars. These sites sell them at efficient prices that anyone can afford! Not only that, Auto transport companies also sell used cars. You might want to take a look at that too. But before that, let’s get into the list of best sites that can help you with used car sales.  

The most trustworthy sites for buying used cars: 

Down below are the names of the sites that will be the most helpful if you are looking to get your hands on a used car that is sure to not breakdown on your first trial drive. You can research about all of these sites accordingly and then decide on one accordingly with your needs: 

  • Autotrader 
  • Carsdirect 
  • Hemmings 
  • Autolist 

  • Autotempest 
  • Cargurus 
  • Carvago 
  • Cars&Bids 

These are the names of just a few used car sites. These auto transport companies will offer you the most magnificent cars in the most affordable rates. But before you decide to order and have them get to vehicle transportation, you might want to read more about these sites to harden your trust in them and realize which one your savior site is going to be. Go through all of their resources and the tools they have to offer to make certain the site that is going to be the savior for you! 

  1. AutoTrader: 

AutoTrader is considered one of the most trusted and well-reputed website to buy used cars from. If you have a tight budget and still want to buy a car that is well off, you might want to head over to the AutoTraders site as soon as you can. This company has used cars and car delivery service that makes it really convenient for you to get your car right at home after buying it. However, like every other thing, this website has its advantages and disadvantages to count as well.  


  • The AutoTrader website has a lot of listings to it. This means that there is a huge variety of cars that you can scroll and surf through to find just the perfect match for you. The more of the listings there are, the more will be the opportunity for you to find something you are looking for or maybe even find something completely new that you end up liking. 
  • Has all sorts of cars and models. You will be able to get your hands on anything that you like. Whether it is old models that are your thing or you are looking for new models that are used and are on sale, this site has a display of all of those and you can easily get access to them all. 

  • AutoTraders is a car transportation company that has a search option with wide features. This makes it easy for you to search for just any car that you want. You can simply name the model and find a number of searches to surf through.  
  • Affordable prices for every car of any model type. You won’t have to drag your budget or think about making money sacrifices with this site.  
  • This website also provides car insurance tools that will help you with the guarantee of your newly bought car. This might even include warranty. 


  • Their car delivery service is based on restrictions. You will have to be in a specific area or location to buy and sell on this site.  

  • If you want to have your own listing, you will have to pay for it. And the biggest con is that the listing fee can get expensive too. Just to make a listing, one shouldn’t have to pay so much. But if you are still enthusiastic about this site, you should give it a go! 

  1. CarsDirect: 

The second best option for you to turn to in order to buy a used car is the website CarsDirect. This website is user friendly and is very easy to navigate through. No clutter on this sit makes it easy for the buyers to sift through the option of cars that they want to buy. This Auto transport company is based on local dealerships and comes with pros and cons of its own.  


  • You will be able to find local deals with the help of CarsDirect. Vehicle transportation will be made easy with this because local dealerships will be easier to approach and will also save you time. 
  • The customer service is rated high on this site. Which means their car deals are done smoothly as well as their car transportation job. You will not have to go through any hard processes to buy your used car. 
  • This site also offers and provides loans. Their loaning process is smooth, flexible, and easy to get. This way you can put in your request for loans. It has an easy application process that everyone can get.  


  • Private listing is not allowed on the site. One can only buy or sell through dealerships. If you want to make a listing, you will have to go through the dealerships as sort of a middle person. 

  • All the dealerships are supposed to be local for this car transport to work. You can’t make listings or buy and sell outside of your local area. CarsDirect does not allow for that.  
  • Down payment might be requested and necessary while buying some cars. This can be a problem for many people who can’t afford to do the down payment initially for the car.  

  1. Hemmings: 

Looking for classic cars or maybe just some used car parts? Hemmings is the way to go! This internet based Auto transport that deals with all sorts of used cars and car parts. It is about 20,000 cars that you can sift through to choose. This gives you flexibility to buy the one you actually want.  


  • Car parts dealing! Not only can you buy cars that are cheap because they are used, you can also buy cheap used car parts if you don’t want to buy a new car altogether and just need some parts replaced and renewed.  
  • Their car transportation services allow for smooth customer and seller interaction. They have great tools for buyers and sellers through which the interaction can stay smooth and protected, saving both from any type of fraudulent activity. 
  • Hemmings has a car blog for all car lovers! You can enjoy reading about all the cars they have and decide according to your tastes or just sift through their informative blogs about their car transport company.  


  • You will have to make an account on their website in order to sift through their variety of cars and car parts as well as read their blog. This might seem inconvenient to many people but overall, it isn’t that bad.   
  • Not as many cars for sale as other online websites. Which means your options will be scarce with this car transportation website. 
  • Listings get removed after half a year. 6 month period is the only time in which the listings will stay up on the site, after which, they will be removed.  

  1. Autolist: 

Autolist is the king of all used car websites. This car transportation website does the hard work for you and makes it easy for you to sift through the compilation of many listings through all of the other used car websites. This makes it easier for you to find exactly which company you are looking for and which website will suit you the best. This website is also listed in the CNET’s Top 10 sites related to vehicle transport.  


  • You will be able to sift through more than over 5,000,000 listings. This means that the more the listings, the more you will make it possible for yourself to actually find a car on efficient rates and buy it. You might even find the exact makeshift and model number as the one you wanted. In those 5,000,000, everything seems easy and convenient. And even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, in that huge amount, you are sure to find something better to replace your fantasy vehicle with. 
  • Autolist also has an app that you can download. This app makes it even more convenient for you to surf through your favorite used cars to buy. This app is easier to navigate through than the site and can be accessed at all given times without having to open your browser. So go ahead and download that app to find your favorite cars on display! 


  • There are no financing tools, which means you will have to take care of that part all by yourself. Lack of such resources can make it hard for one to sift through a site or buy a used car from such companies. 
  • There is no place for you to place any ads of your own on this website or the Autolist app so one can’t display their private ads in any way. 

  1. AutoTempest: 

AutoTempest is the largest online internet based marketplace for the buying and selling of used cars. This auto transport industry squeezes database listing information out of the world’s most convenient sellers such as Craigslist, Carvana, AutoTrader and many more. This makes it smooth for you to find the perfect car of your own! 


  • The biggest advantage of this website is that it extracts information about listings from a wide and flexible number of websites across the globe. This means that there will be more listings for you to sift through and originally more types of cars as well.  
  • Mostly produces searches based on your locations as well. If you are from Illinois, the results and deals of listings will be showed of that from Illinois so it is much easier for you to get access to them physically as well.  
  • You are able to fine tune your search results! This will help you find the right cars without any wastage of time.  
  • This car transportation website offers a pricing tool too. So you can find cars directly under the prices that you can squeeze into your budget.  


  • There is no option for you to purchase a car online on this site, it is local based. Online option gives people an upperhand, they can order, buy, and negotiate with the touch of a button. But local based might need more work and efforts. 
  • This site does not vet any listings.  

  1. CarGurus: 

CarGurus is yet another website that comes as a savior for you if you want to buy used cars in perfect conditions. This website offers a virtual marketplace that is easy to get access to. Makes it easy for you to place your order and have your transportation car problems put at ease. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this website as well.  


  • Modern pricing tools. These tools will help you get access to the prices of the car you want to buy and similar cars with similar pricing range so that you can get your hands on something while staying under your budget. It also notifies you about the increasing and dropping rates of the cars.  
  • This site offers a comparison tool that allows for the sellers to set realistic prices so that nothing is too expensive for you.  
  • There is room for negotiation as well! 


  • Seller vetting is not allowed. 

  1. Carvago: 

Carvago is one of the well-reputed online marketplace for buying used cars all across Europe. This makes it possible for you to get your hands on the most magnificent deals by providing you with proven and guaranteed used cars with prices that go well with the situation of the car. Customer reviews are high for this used car selling site.  


  • Carvago gives a 6 month warranty with its used cars. This is a very convenient offer that can help you to buy without having to worry about the car breaking down in less than a year or so. You can always return and get refunded with the help of Carvago’s auto transport services.  
  • Proper inspection of the car is done on this site so that you will not get scammed and will get the best of every product.  
  • 14 days money refund policy! 

  1. Cars&Bids: 

Cars&Bids as you can probably tell by the name is the site that is used for bidding. Which makes it an auction site. That is right. This online site offers cars back from the 1980’s (vintage) that are put up as an auction and whoever bids the highest gets the car. This is listed as one of the best auction sites for used cars. If you are a freak for owning old stuff or expensive stuff that is vintage, then this site is definitely your go-to. Are you a car enthusiast who is looking for ways to spice up the buying of used cars? Well, what are you waiting for? Go onto the Cars&Bids site to satisfy your sensation seeker! Although, it is safe to mention that this website does have disadvantages of its own too, followed with the usual advantages.  


  • Do you like history? Maybe not. But you would be interested in the history report that this vehicle transportation site is providing you right? This history report includes the detailed history of the car that you are going to buy. Sounds pretty interesting right? This way you will know who bought the car when it was new and how many owners it had and how it got passed down. Seems like a fun story to tell to your own car enthusiast friends at the next get-together.  
  • Remember how many other used car sites had commission fee or fee that you would have had to pay for listing? Well, Cars&Bids provides for an area that allows the customer to give low fee for listing. Making it convenient and affordable for everyone.  
  • This site is so trustworthy, that it was filmed and appreciated by a YouTube celebrity as well! 

  • Finds a way for Car Transportation as quickly as possible by getting in contact with the buyer. 
  • Continues to work for the privacy and scam related protection of the buyer and seller.  


  • Don’t know if you can count this as a disadvantage but there are no listings for the car models before the 1980’s. You will not find a car model from before that! 
  • Buyer seller tools can be a little hard to find on this site.  

  • There are also no financing tools that are easily available so that can be a little inconvenient for the users of this site.  

Putting your trust in used car sites 

One might get a little skeptical at first before buying a used car. If it is something else that is used, it can be easier to put your trust in that but a used car is a big deal. However, the bottom line is that, yes. You can definitely put your trust in these used car sites. This is a modern internet based era and these internet based websites are also trustworthy. Make sure to trust an auto transport company that has good reviews and is well-reputed. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that you actually might get scammed! 

Finding the perfect site for yourself 

It might get overwhelming, trying to find the perfect car for yourself and more than that to first find the perfect site that will have the car of your dreams. But that is not impossible. All you will need to do is to ensure that you are reading the reviews of each and every company that you think you might be able to trust. If the reviews of the transportation car company are good, then read about the pros and cons and weigh down your options. Don’t rush into it! A car is something that one uses for years and years on end so you have to make sure that you are not spending your money on something that will break down before. Get in contact with your preferred sites and their dealers. It would be nice if you talked to the dealer or the seller personally beforehand and then later put your order out for the car. This way there will be a chance for refund as well. So this is it, the perfect and complete guide for you to buy a used car. The sites above can be trusted and it is high time you stop worrying and put your order out to find that perfect car for yourself! 

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