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A Guide on How to Rent Out Your Car

We live in a world where working from home has become a common means of earning. In fact, online apps now offer so many facilities that we barely need to leave our homes. Shopping, ordering food, paying bills-all can be done without leaving the comfort of our house.  

However, as these facilities grow in number, your car spends more and more idle time in your garage. These circumstances have rendered your private vehicles useless. But what if you could use this situation to your own benefit? Renting out your car is a great option to make extra money from your unused vehicle. 

What is Car Renting 

Car Renting is also commonly known as car sharing. It is a simple method of earning in which you allow other people to rent your private vehicle. Car sharing is an easy and successful alternative to traditional car-renting companies. To rent your personal vehicle, renters can contact you directly through car-sharing platforms instead of going to conventional car renters.  

However, car-sharing can come with its own risks and benefits. It might seem risky to allow strangers to drive your private car, especially if you own a precious vehicle such as a classic car collector or an off-road vehicle. This is why choosing suitable methods and platforms to carry out this earning technique is essential. This article offers you guidelines to rent out your car successfully.  

Why Should You Consider Renting Your Car 

There are multiple benefits of car renting that might make you consider renting your own vehicle. Some of these are as follows.  

  1. Prevent Your Vehicle from Sitting Idle 

People are forced to stay in their homes for extended periods, thanks to the infamous COVID-19. As a result, people no longer leave their homes as they used to. We have adapted to these circumstances by finding ways to get our work done online.  

This is why your cars might not be in much use. Prevent your vehicles from sitting idly by renting them out to renters. This way, you can earn without worrying about leaving your car unused in your garage. 

  1. Passive Income 

The recent COVID-19 caused a significant downfall in the world’s economy. Many people have been subjected to a financial crisis as businesses plummeted. If you are one of the many victims of this economic loss, car renting offers you a golden opportunity to make up for that loss. This can be done without any real struggle or hard work.  

  1. Covers the Expenses of Having a Car 

If done regularly, car sharing can cover your monthly expenses. Keeping an old car running can be as expensive as buying a new one. Considering the monthly cost of gas, parking, and maintenance, possessing a car can break the bank for some people. Therefore, the extra money you earn through renting your vehicle can help you cover the monthly cost of gas, maintenance, and whatnot.  

  1. Easy and Efficient 

The best part about car renting is that it is free of hassle. You do not need to start an official business organization for it. The only requirements for this work are a car in good, running condition, a car-sharing platform, and basic information about this process.  

  1. Freedom of Choice 

You might be considering the risks of letting a stranger drive your personal vehicle for extra-long distances and long periods of time. However, with the proper guidelines, you can certainly avoid these things. On car rental apps, you have the freedom to specify the time when your personal car is available for rent out.  

For example, if you have a regular job, you could let renters use your car right after or before your working hours. In addition to that, you can also set geographical constraints in the description if you do not want renters taking the car on long journeys.  

How to Rent Out Your Car 

Some simple and efficient steps ensure a smooth car rental process. The guidelines are as follows: 

  1. Choose a Platform that Operates Legally 

There are several well-known car-renting apps. First, you must find out which app is the best option. For example, some apps might not work in specific geographical areas. With some apps, you might also have to face legal issues. So, sift through the multiple platforms to find the most reliable one that operates in your area. Turo and Getaround are the most famous platforms in the US.  

Avoid trying to find renters on your own through different social media apps like Instagram. By doing so, you would be compromising your vehicle’s security and might even face legal issues. Choosing a rental app is a safe and preferred way to handle car listings and money transfers.  

  1. Evaluate the Condition of Your Car  

Before renting your car, you must ensure it is in good condition. Inspect your vehicle for any preexisting faults or damages, such as brakes, oil changes, steering, etc. All the essential factors for a safe and smooth ride must be checked and taken care of. This is to ensure the safety of your vehicle in the future as much as the safety of the renter. In addition, clean any junk in your car and take out all your personal items, such as your phone and wallet. Once your vehicle is safe and ready to be used by someone, that will lead you to the next step. 

  1. Rental Listing/Booking  

The next crucial step is to list your car to the car-sharing company. This involves adding all the essential information about your vehicle, including visual proof. It is to be noted that all the provided information regarding your car must be accurate and without any errors. This information involves providing your license number, the type and model of your vehicle, etc. Mention the style of your car, such as if your car is an SUV, a classic collector car, or an off-road vehicle 

Renting apps even allow you to add detailed pictures of your car as visual proof to the renters that your car is in good running condition. Listing your car will make it available to potential rentals where they can see the available timing of your car along with other information. The rental rates will also be based on the information you provide.  

  1. Pick-up and Drop-off Location  

The renter must know precisely when and where the car exchange will occur. You can choose any location convenient, such as your home or a nearby point. However, selecting a public place such as parking is preferred as a pick-up and drop-off location.  

  1. Check the Renter for Important Information 

You have done your part by providing the company and renter with your car’s information. However, it is crucial for the safety of your car that the renter must be reliable and trustworthy. This is why whenever you meet your renter, ask him for specific documents such as their ID, license, etc. Once you have ensured that they have a legitimate ID and a driver’s license, you can hand over the keys.  

It would be best if you also let the renter examine the condition of your car before taking it for a ride. You know your car better than anyone else. So, guide them further about any additional tips about your car to help them have a smooth ride. For example, let them know if you have a jerky steering wheel.  

  1. Evaluate Your Car After Its Return 

Once the renter has returned your car, check for any damages. If you find any damages, see if they occurred before or after the renter returned your vehicle. This is why you need to check for preexisting injuries before renting the car, as mentioned above.  

Should You Rent or Transport Your Car? 

If you’re going on a vacation, would you want your own car moved to the new place or rent a car for your conveyance? Both options can be considered for a successful journey to another place. However, there are a few points to consider to make the choice easier.  

Renting a car is an excellent option if 

  • You want to save the cost of car transportation. 
  • The transportation cost of certain vehicles, such as transport classic and exotic cars, can be greater than having to rent a car.  
  • Some vacation spots require a particular vehicle, such as an off-road vehicle. If you do not own such a vehicle, you could rent it instead of investing in a new one.  

Transport your vehicle is a better option if 

  • You do not wish to leave the comfort of your own car. Adjusting to someone else’s car can certainly be a nuisance.  
  • Although transport classic and exotic cars cost considerably more, you could pay for it to enjoy the vacation in your luxurious vehicle.  
  • Transportation a vehicle is a hassle-free process. You can get a free instant quote from their website and get your car moved.  
  • Genius Auto Trans is a reliable transportation company that has carried out major car transport success. With their customer service, user-friendly website, and the luxury of getting a free instant quote, you can get your car moved quickly.

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