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Genius Auto Trans is the best car transport company makes Transport your Vehicle a simple hassle-free process, backed by reliability and security. Give us a call to book a free Vehicle Transportation consultation!

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About Genius Auto Trans

Driving over long distances can be quite hectic when you do not have prior experience regarding it. There are several facts you need to have information on for stress-free and reliable car transportation.

You Need To

  • Have an expert driver who is well-informed about the best and shortest possible route with the required gas stations and rest stops
  • A punctual team that is specifically at your disposal for the fulfillment of your needs
  • Vehicles designed to safely transport all your goods with no damage caused whatsoever

We Believe

At Genius Auto Trans we believe real efficiency comes from teamwork and diligence.


Why You Need Auto Transport

Auto Transport is a Necessity of the Modern World – and It’s time we make the process simple for you.


Using a Car Transportation Service secures your vehicle from unwanted damage.


Vehicle Transport Service gives you the freedom to buy your vehicle from anywhere.

Peace Of Mind

You do not have to worry about traveling anymore if you are in touch with a car transportation service.

Transportation We Offer

Vehicle Transportation is not a luxury, rather a necessity to ensure peace of mind and secure your car’s future. You can choose any one of the following options for your Auto Transport easily:

Door-To-Door Auto Transportation

Genius Auto Trans provides a simple hassle-free home-to-home vehicle transport service. In these door-to-door Car Transportation Services you will specify to the carrier where to pick up your car, and exactly where to drop it.

Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport is a cheap, reliable, and highly popular option for move cars around the States. The transport car is strapped to an open-trailer. Genius Auto Trans proves Open Auto Transport with intrinsic insurance for your peace of mind. There will be roughly 9-11 other vehicles in the trailer, making this transport car method economical.

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Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport is a slightly expensive and Premium Car Transportation method. The vehicle is safely placed inside a closed and secure trailer. There are only a few other cars in it. This vehicle transport method is for high-priced and vintage move cars and gives 100% peace of mind.

Seasonal Auto Relocation

Seasonal Auto Relocation transportation is best for those with no urgent vehicle delivery need. This option lets you select a season for your transport vehicle, so you can get the burden off your mind. It is also best for those who like to spend a certain season in a different region.


Classic Vehicle Transportation

Classic Vehicle Transportation is a traditional and cheap alternative to using dedicated transport methods. If you want an expert carrier who knows his way around cars and vehicles to drive your vehicle to destiny, this is the best option for you!

Expedited Car Transportation

Expedited Car Transportation is an Urgent-Basis car transport method for extra-fast hassle-free delivery service. In these Expedited car transportation services, your vehicle is assigned a dedicated enclosed transport trailer. This trailer has your car in it. It sets the route to your destination straight.

Our Main Features

Industry Veterans

We have a diverse team of industry professionals that have dedicated their lives to handle vehicles of all sorts to move car. You can rest assured as these Car Movers make sure that your vehicle is taken care of in the most professional manner.

Custom Solutions

Every vehicle is unique and requires a unique custom-build solution to transport cars. Our Car Transportation Services ensure that all vehicles are analyzed for the best transportation solution. Our veteran car movers to move cars and other vehicles undertake this task.

Dedicated Consultation

Our expert Car Movers and advisors will make sure you have the most seamless and hassle-free Car Transportation experience. You are assigned a dedicated vehicle transportation consultant who is in constant contact with you.

Daily Support

Unlike other Auto Transport Companies, we understand your urgent car transport service needs. Our team of experts work tirelessly, all seven days of the week, to meet your car transport demands the most efficient way possible.

Insurance Coverage

Your peace of mind matters to us the most, making us double-check the insurance coverage on all carriers before each delivery. You can rest assured as our Transportation Company has complete insurance coverage on all carriers all the time for vehicle and Car Transport.

10K+ Carriers

Our vehicle and Car Transport Services are nationwide. We handle a diverse range of Auto Transportation Carriers throughout the country to make sure you can find a “Car Transport Services Near Me”.


If you are a…

01. Car Dealer

As a car dealer, you already have a lot on your plate. Our expert auto transportation services can help you benefit from delegation. Your clients are important to us, and we would make our delivery the way you like.

02. Family Or Mover

Relocating or Moving Out? We have your back. Do not worry as our expert car transportation services would make sure you get your vehicle at your new house’s doorstep.

03. Auction Buyer

If a car transportation company is not involved. Then auction car sales is a hassle-some process. At Genius Auto Trans we make sure to provide the most affordable rates and hassle-free service for car transport.

04. Online Car Buyer

We provide a door-to-door vehicle delivery service that takes out the hassle of online car buying and selling. Our car transport service can get your car delivered where you want, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

How Do I Book With A Car Transport Company?

Vehicle Condition

Make sure to document and analyze the condition of your vehicle as you have to write them down and inform the driver about any issues with the vehicle.

Gas & Fluids

Your gas tank doesn’t have to be full, a quarter-filled tank is enough for transportation. Make sure all other fluids are topped off, even for motorcycle transportation.

Removable Items

All items that are not a part of the vehicle and can be removed, should be removed. Just leave the additional tire and metal jack.

Security System

Either disable the security system of your car for the carrier’s comfort or leave detailed instructions about it, this does not apply for motorcycle transportation.

Tires & Battery

Make sure your car battery has a full charge and there is no issue with it. Also, tires must be properly inflated.

Personal Belongings

You can move car certain personal belongings in the trunk of your car but only through prior approval. Ask your Advisor for more details.

How We Work At Genius Auto Trans

Consultation Call

Request a quote or call us directly. You will be assigned a specialized auto transport expert. They will ask you questions about the vehicle, access the current market trends, and create a custom solution for your car transportation. Your advisor would then keep you in the loop, and familiarize you with the process.

Placing The Order

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can place the order. Your advisor would guide you with this simple process, and our dispatch department would start contacting the carriers near you. This is an efficient process, and you will get a lot of bids depending on your location. Your auto trans advisor would help you make the decision.

Book Your Carrier

Once you know what transportation carrier you want to go with, one of our experts would outline a transportation agreement. This is a legal document that would outline all details of your vehicle, transport procedure, and other important details. You’d have to sign this document and your spot at the carrier would be reserved.

Confirm Pick-Up

Unlike other Auto Transport Companies, we make pick-up easy for you. The driver would be in direct communication with you once the carrier is dispatched. Your Auto Trans Advisor would also be in touch and at your disposal for any help. You will have to tell the pick-up time, location, and details to the driver.

Car Transportation

Your carrier would be in constant communication with you about the status of the vehicle, and its location for vehicle or car transportation. You can call them whenever you want, or get in touch with the Genius Auto Trans advisor for guidance or help. Your driver would call you and confirm before drop-off of your car transportation.


Unlike other Auto Transport Companies, our carrier and you will do a final inspection of the vehicle after drop-off and everything would be written in the Bill of Lading (BOL). This would also be a legal document. You can then pay the carrier the agreed amount of money through cash or cheque.

States We Cover


Regular Questions

Our prices are determined by a number of variables, including the size of the vehicle, the distance to be transported, the vehicle’s operating condition, the time of year transportation is needed, and the general market pricing for the route requested. We can better estimate the precise prices by filling out a quotation form on our main page.

There are a few factors that affect the auto transport cost: route distance, vehicle size and condition (running or non-operable), the type of trailer that would be used (open or enclosed) and the season. For example if you want to ship your vehicle down to Florida, in fall, the cost will be higher due to the tremendous amount of traffic caused by snowbirds moving south to Florida.


Personal goods carrying up to 100 pounds are allowed in the trunk or back compartment of your vehicle without charge. Anything more than 100 pounds would cost extra; it had to fit in the front or back seat, below window level, and couldn’t be too heavy; and the driver’s seat must be empty at all times. Insurance does not cover personal things in your vehicle.

During the collecting and delivery process, someone must be present. You or anybody you choose may personally sign the Bill of Laden and observe our driver’s vehicle inspection. You are free to go after the inspection has been finished and the Bill of Laden has been signed.

You must give the exact pick-up and delivery locations, as well as the names and phone numbers of the people who will be picking up and delivering, as well as the earliest available pick-up day, to make a reservation. There is no fee for booking a reservation ahead of time. We’ll ask for a deposit once we’ve confirmed your place on the trailer. You may pay the remaining amount to the driver using cash, cashier’s check, or money order at the time of pick-up or delivery.

Yes, we provide full bumper-to-bumper coverage of at least $100.000 in damage for open auto transport and $250.000 for enclosed auto transport. Any kind of damage, including minor scratches, complete damage, theft, and fire, is covered. Your car will be fully insured while it is on our trailer, but your personal items will not.


We don’t charge anything upfront, and there are no hidden fees or extra costs; all we need for reservations are your pickup and delivery addresses, a point of contact, and the first pick-up date. We’ll make the purchase as soon as we get all of the necessary information and give you an order confirmation email. Please take the time to read it thoroughly when you get the email. If everything is OK, you won’t have to contact us, but if you see anything that needs to be corrected, please let us know and I will make the necessary changes. We’ll pass it along to our dispatcher, and we’ll contact you as soon as we get the date and the driver’s details.


Review from our clients

Highly recommended! Had a great experience of working with this company for shipping my vehicle. The price along with the services was very impressive for me. I'll be definitely using them again. I was working with Richard Nickson he guided me so well and all the team is so cooperative.

Luka Gracia Client

I had the best experience with Genius Auto Trans. Zion David contacted me initially via text, and we continued to converse via text and phone during the whole process. Zion delivered excellent customer service and was an advocate for me when looking for a driver, negotiating price, and delivery of my car. I am a satisfied customer. I do recommend Genius Auto Trans.

Jacqui Kellum Client

"Genius AutoTrans" provides a safe, competent, and diligent services through its sincere workers and organization. I happened to visit their office facility and was impressed to see working atmosphere in which the workers sought to help their customers in every possible way. Two thumbs for this 'Genius Auto Trans.'

Keneth Pervaiz Client